Ruizhen Stainless Steel

Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting is commonly used in producing steel parts for engineering, wind turbines, infrastructure, and motor vehicles(transport, agricultural, and other specialty vehicles) (also for various other materials). Plasma cutting is used in these industries because it is one of the few methods which can provide accurate results on hard materials. It is one of the fastest cutting processes and recognized as one of the most economical cutting processes. Ruizhen Stainless Steel has modern plasma cutting equipment, and we can plasma cut stainless steel plates of 100mm thickness.

Plasma Cutting


  • Fast cutting speed and high efficiency;
  • Wide cutting field, can cut all metal sheets;
  • High cutting accuracy relative to flame cutting (error: ±3mm);
  • Can cut thick plates: 8mm-100mm;
  • Large cutting gap: 5mm-12mm (depending on the thickness of the cutting material)

Plasma cutting capability:

  • Length:25000mm max.
  • Width:4500mm max.
  • Thickness:100mm max.