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Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is a thermal cutting process that uses an amplified beam of light, the laser, to cut. High power lasers enable high-quality results in metal cutting. Lasers can be used in any metal product, including industrial applications. Ruizhen Stainless Steel’s laser cutting services offer both CO2 and fiber lasers. Although both use a focused laser beam, the beam generation process uses different mechanisms. Both technologies have certain advantages that make them useful in certain situations. If you need laser cutting of stainless steel sheets, please send us a drawing by email at [email protected].

Main advantages of laser cutting:

Great Flexibility – It can cut one stainless steel sheet in many different ways without changing tools. In addition, it can cut a variety of complex shapes.

Accuracy – With an accuracy of +/- 0.1 mm, laser cut parts can precisely meet your most demanding needs. This precision also ensures high quality.

Reproducibility – +/- 0.05mm ensures near identical detail.

Speed – Laser cutting machines are known for their speed, especially when cutting thin stainless steel sheets.

Save Money – Machines are becoming more energy efficient. Shuttle tables reduce the handling needs, which means much fewer requirements for physical labor. Smaller manufacturing costs will reduce the buyer’s total cost.

Save Time – Laser cutting is automated. Therefore, it is the machine that reads the drawing. The drawings only need to include the cutting lines. It saves a lot of time in the living room. 

The small area of the HAZ – the heat affected zone – is an undesirable by-product of thermal cutting methods. Because laser cutting has a smaller cutting kerf, the heat will not disperse as much as other in cutting ways, leaving a much smaller heat affected zone.

Laser Cutting Capability:

  • Width:  2000mm max.
  • Length: 8000mm Max.
  • Thickness: 12mm max.
Laser Cutting